October 3, 2012

Items Not to Forget in Divorce Agreement

Divorce Agreements and Pets

Whether they live in Jupiter or in Wellington, your friends, neighbors or relatives often have horror stories of clauses or items that they forgot to put in their settlement agreements or in their final judgments of divorce

Experienced divorce lawyers know that the best way to deal with this issue is to have a checklist present at mediation or at the time of trial so that all issues are addressed. However, in the stressful situations that often arise during last-minute negotiations at mediation sessions and last-minute divorce negotiations just before trial, certain items often are left out of divorce agreements or judgments. In a recent blog, Attorney Mark Chinn of Jacksonville, Mississippi addressed some of these common issues.

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A short list of items that attorneys and clients may overlook in reaching settlement agreements or presenting proof during a divorce hearing include:

  1. Garage door openers
  2. Gate remote controls
  3. Extra keys to car and house
  4. Security codes
  5. Hotel credit card and airline points
  6. Utility and other deposits
  7. Tax and insurance escrows
  8. Car tag credits
  9. Overdrafts on joint checking accounts
  10. Dates to carry through insurance coverages
  11. Attorney's fees paid with joint funds

Make sure you have these items included in your checklist of issues to resolve in your divorce. To learn more about Attorney Mark Chinn's observations on divorce, please visit his blog here.


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