March 10, 2010

"Life is Short. Get a Divorce." Slick Advertising or Poor Taste?

I have commented on divorce celebrations before in my blog entries. I also have commented on family law attorneys and their actions in divorce cases. However, I never have commented on the two subjects together at the same time before.

Apparently, an all female law firm in Chicago (focused in the area of divorce cases) posted a billboard on a main thoroughfare and a blunt message: "Life is short. Get a Divorce.". However, the billboard also features the six-pack abs of a headless male torso and tanned female cleavage barely contained in a black bra. Reaction to the billboard by the rest of the legal community and the city of Chicago was less than enthusiastic.

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The ABC article, reporting about this advertisement, contains comments from attorneys from Chicago and other parts of the country. All of the commentators found the advertisement to be in poor taste. The City of Chicago later took down the billboard ad over the objection of the law firm. Divorce lawyers in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and other parts of Palm Beach County would also echo the dismay and disapproval of their peers about this piece of slick advertisement. In addition, The Florida Bar would never approve this form of advertising and would likely sanction any law firm who produced such a billboard. Nevertheless, local divorce attorneys also would acknowledge that they have had or currently have clients who would have agreed with the motto of the enterprising Chicago law firm.

In any event, the Chicago law firm was not discouraged by the heated reaction to their billboard and continue to market t-shirts and sweatshirts with their motto on its website. Some individuals who wish to celebrate their divorce may wish to purchase the offered merchandise To learn more about the saga of the billboard controversy click here. You may also read this article.


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