June 16, 2016

Long-Term Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

long term benefits of collaborative divorce

Living along the beautiful southeast coast of Florida from Stuart to Boca Raton doesn't shield a divorcing couple from the often painful proceedings involved in a litigated divorce. Lawyers are hired to get all they can for their client. The nature of the emotions involved, the public way the courts are handled, the methods attorneys use to achieve their results along with the time, energy and expense it takes to settle a case frequently creates a toxic environment that creeps into the home like a gloomy fog. It sounds like a "lose, lose" situation.

Imagine having a team of supportive professionals, working together through a mutual process, using strategies to solve disputes respectfully, enduring the challenges of divorce without going to court, without spending as much time or money and leaving some of the bitter gloom outside of the home's haven. Not an easy task but the benefits of Collaborative Divorce count as a win over the previous example.

The authors of the book, Do your Divorce Right, would likely agree. Superior Court Justice Andrew Horton and District Court Judge John David Kennedy, "who have likely seen and heard it all," says staff writer for the Portland Press Herald, Ann S. Kim, released their book in July 2011. "In the long term, good guys finish first in family court," Horton said. "Short term, the cutthroat tactics have their victories."

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One of the most poignant tales in the judges' book recounts the impact a particularly nasty divorce had on one girl's life. This young woman's case came before Kennedy after she perpetrated another string of drug-related probation violations.

"I really wished I had a video camera going so I could make a tape of that and show it to other people in family cases and say, 'Is this really where you want your kid to end up?'" Kennedy said.

According to Kristopher K. Greenwood and Associates, "For many couples, collaborative divorce is a better option...The result can be a divorce settlement that both sides can accept, even if neither side gets everything he or she wants."

Living rightly and "divorcing with integrity," may be one of the most important things you can show children. If parents learn from their collaborative team and practice those concepts in front of their children, the positive consequences can have lasting results. The children will have plenty of time to watch and learn how to solve conflicts of their own.


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Collaborative Divorce

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