September 12, 2014

Low Cost Activities You Can Do With Your Children After Divorce

Low Cost Activities You Can Do With Your Children After Divorce

Whether you're married or single, living in Jupiter or Wellington, there are still a lot of fun, interesting and inspiring things to do with your children that cost very little and oftentimes absolutely nothing. 

From amazing places with breathtaking views to activities that can keep you entertained to the joy of learning, building or exploring new things, here's a list of meaningful activities you can do with your children after divorce instead of spending a lot of money:

  1. Read a book together. Whether you're reading it aloud or reading it at separate times and comparing notes, reading a book with your children can give you a new perspective. Start with age-appropriate classics and work your way upward;
  1. Visit a local museum. Almost every city and town has some kind of historical, natural history, or art themed museum. Many of these museums have no or low entrance fees. Even those that have an admission price often have days during the month in which the admission price is greatly reduced. Take your children. Ask them to make a list of five things that they enjoyed and five questions they had about the items that they saw;                                                                               Schedule a Personalized Family Law Assessment with an Attorney Today!
  1. Visit the library. Even in this digital age, libraries still exist and they are better than you remember. Not only are they great resources to find reference materials for your children doing research projects, you can just to find a book to read for pleasure. Don't forget they also lend out CD's and movies;
  1. Volunteer. More and more middle schools and high schools are requiring community service hours from their students prior to graduation. There are hundreds of opportunities daily to make a difference in other people's lives. Find a volunteer activity that you and your children can do together and then go make a difference together;
  1. Exercise together. Whether it's walking the dog, riding a bike, jogging down the street, playing soccer out back, or volleyball on the beach, get outside with your children and exercise. You'll find yourself feeling better and bonding with them in a new way;
  1. Learn a language. Most high schools and many middle schools have a foreign language requirement. Practice with your children. There are many online programs which are of little or no cost. And don't forget the library. They often have language-speaking tapes and CDs that you can utilize. You'll find yourself laughing with your children as you try to learn new expressions and try them out on each other. At our household, we often have a French language night in which we have to try to speak in French while we eat our meal;
  1. Build something. If you're handy, use old wood and help your children create a table or a bookshelf. If you're not handy, find a project on Pinterest that anyone can do. Watch the smiles break out as you and your children create practical projects from little or nothing;
  1. Commence a game night. Start a game night with your children. Break out the playing cards and the old board games. Get a pizza or have potluck leftovers. Your children may protest in the beginning that they don't like to play these old-fashioned games. But watch the fun and laughter break out if you play the games that they used to play in the past and that you remember so well;
  1. Experiment in the kitchen. Put on the aprons and break out the recipes and get to work. Use all those ingredients that got shoved to the back of the pantry and experiment. You and your children may discover your inner Bobby Flay; and
  2. Go to a high school sporting event. You may have to pay an admission fee to see the local football game or the local basketball game. But many high school sports don't cost a penny for admission. Find a sport that your children like and try it out.

And many, many more. Just remember when parenting children that interacting with your children matters and will create great memories and, oftentimes, those activities are free.


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