July 16, 2014

Original Divorce Documents Should Not Be Written On

Original Divorce Documents Should Not Be Written On
Attorney Mark Chinn, of Jackson, Mississippi recently posted a blog regarding the client’s use of original dissolution of marriage documents. Mark Chinn observed that there are many times when clients will bring dissolution of marriage documents, records, phone bills, tax returns, financial statements or other important documents to their divorce attorney’s office. Unfortunately, these documents are often accompanied by the client’s comments or observations written directly on the original dissolution of marriage document.

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This is appropriate and helpful if such comments or observations are written on a copy of the dissolution of marriage document. However, it can be very problematic for the attorney if such comments are made on an original court dissolution of marriage document or record or if the client does not have a separate copy of the original dissolution of marriage document. If the comments are made on the original dissolution of marriage document and only copy of the document which the client possesses, then the divorce attorney will have to expend extra effort and/or expense to obtain another original or unadulterated copy of the document. In addition, a client’s comments may render the original court dissolution of marriage document or financial document unusable in court. So the next time you want to mark on a dissolution of marriage document before meeting with your lawyer, stop and think: “Is this an original dissolution of marriage document? Should I make a copy of it and make my comments on the copy or just use a post-it." To visit Mark Chinn’s Family Law Blog, click here: markchinn.blogspot.com.


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