July 29, 2015

Parental Alienation and Child Custody/Timesharing

Parental alienation and child custody/timesharing. Receive help from a West Palm Beach Attorney
Parental alienation occurs when one parent purposefully encourages a child to disengage with the other parent and/or denigrate the other parent. This can result from a number of emotions surrounding the divorce - anger, desire for revenge, jealousy, feelings of betrayal, etc.

Alienating behavior can run the gamut from badmouthing the parent to forcing the child to choose between parents by threatening withdrawal of affection. At the end of the day, parental alienation can be one of the most damaging aspects of a difficult, highly contested divorce.

In a parental alienation situation, when one parent uses tactics of hostility with a child, the dynamics of custody change. A new custody evaluation/social evaluation/parenting evaluation may be in the best future interests of the child. Enlisting the legal advice of an expert can help a parent with an alienated child evaluate their options and pursue the proper course of action.

The most qualified family law attorneys are familiar with the latest research on the topic, have an extensive network of experts in the fields of child developmental psychology, the sociology of relationships, and have the knowledge of the relevant legal principles to assist them in protecting and defending a parent's right to pursue a healthy relationship with their child. It is vitally important that these matters are handled with extreme sensitivity, care and professionalism to ensure the best interests of the child. The welfare of children is of utmost importance to Charles Jamieson. Frequently, the children are forgotten as parents fight for child custody rights and wage child custody battles.

Responsible parents have the right to have a positive, loving relationship with their children and children deserve to grow up in a psychologically healthy relationship with their parents. Too often, Florida child support, timesharing and child visitation rights become the issues spouses use to vent their anger and hostility. As research suggests, emotional dysfunction for the child can follow him or her far into their future relationships with others. This is a very serious issue and should be dealt with promptly to minimize the negative consequences.


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