September 14, 2009

Parental Alienation in Divorce Cases: Find Information and Support

Family and marital Lawyers can confront Parental Alienation in highly contested custody and visitation cases. Seasoned divorce attorneys would agree that such cases are difficult to litigate and to resolve. I have discussed this thorny issue in previous blogs. 

Parental Alienation occurs where one parent through a variety of actions and statements process of transforming the positive feelings that a child has for the other parent into negative feelings and, in extreme cases, hatred. Whether they live in Boynton Beach or in Palm Beach Gardens, or elsewhere in Palm Beach County, a targeted parent often feels alone, lost, frustrated, and does not know what to do in their divorce case.

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Recently, I ran across an article that provided some support groups for such targeted parents. These groups often provide peer support, information, and education. The list is not exhaustive and many more such organizations exist around the United States. To learn more about these groups, please click here.


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Parental Alienation

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