January 22, 2014

Personality Traits To Help You Successfully Survive a Florida Divorce

Personality Traits that will help you smile more after a divorce

Experienced Florida divorce attorneys from Jupiter to Wellington know that divorce is an emotional event upon which the law has artificially grafted statutes and rules of procedure. Divorce is traumatic; divorce is emotional; and divorce can be frustrating, annoying and taxing. In a recent issue of Forbes, Jeff Landers recently discussed personality traits that help individuals successfully survive divorce. Among the traits he discussed were:

  1. Put your emotions on the backburner. One must think financially – not emotionally. Even though emotions are bound to run high at various times during the divorce, when that time comes, an individual should always remain calm, cool and collected. They should attempt to maintain their cool under pressure. Although family law attorneys in West Palm Beach know that this is easy advice to say and much more difficult to implement, the advice is well taken;
  2. Delegate whenever possible. The best form of delegation during a tough emotional divorce is to make sure you assemble a good team, consisting of at least an experienced divorce attorney and an experienced financial planner and/or forensic accountant. A top-notch divorce team can take more of the responsibility from you and permit you to devote more of your time and energy to taking care of yourself and your family;                                                                Schedule a Personalized Divorce Assessment With an Attorney Now!
  3. Keep a healthy focus on the future. Realize that no matter how horrible things may be now, ultimately you and your children will be okay. There is a life after divorce … and with proper planning and implementation, this future life can be productive, fulfilling, and financially secure and stable;
  4. Stay organized. Divorce proceedings make many demands on all the participants' lives. A party in a divorce case must learn to juggle their work, family obligations, daily obligations, and all the tasks that they have to perform during the course of a divorce. One must keep track of their appointments, paperwork and deadlines; and
  5. Educate yourself. A divorce involves scrutiny of every part of your personal life and your financial life. A successful divorce, in part, is dependent upon how invested you are in knowing about you and your spouse's financial circumstances. Make sure that you learn answers to the critical questions such as what are your assets, what is the cost to maintain your lifestyle, what will it cost to send the children to college; and what are your liabilities.

Whether you reside in Palm Beach County or elsewhere in Florida, by following these personality characteristics during your Florida divorce you should be more assured that both you and your children will be financially and emotionally okay after the divorce. To learn more about these personality traits that assist people to successfully survive their divorce, click here.


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