December 11, 2013

Preparing for Divorce After 50

Divorce over 50

Divorce attorneys from Jupiter to West Palm Beach recognize that the number of men and women getting a divorce after 50 years old, the so called Graying of Divorce, is increasing. This fact seems to hit women harder than men but either way, actually preparing for a divorce can help you transition. Vibrant Nation, an online resource for women over 50, put together a list of 7 important areas. Men and women should find this list helpful.

  1. Career: If you are not working, evaluate the skills used in raising a family, running a household, planning, budgeting, and volunteering. Update your resume. Make sure your command of technology is strong and take a course to beef up your knowledge if needed. If you are currently working, it might be a good time to delay major transitions.                                           Schedule a Personalized Divorce Assessment With an Attorney Now!
  2. Retirement: Your retirement is not far off. Keep an eye on retirement accounts, real estate and any other issues that affect that stage in life. If you don’t have a financial planner, it might be time to enlist one to help you envision a financial life alone.
  3. Social Life: Most of your friends are probably part of both you and your spouse’s circle. To extend your group of friends, consider finding a group that participates in a favorite hobby or volunteer for a cause that matters to you.
  4. Home: Research where you’d like to live. Consider family, immediate and extended, as it may dictate your boundaries. If you are able to have a plan in place before asking for a divorce, it can reduce a lot of friction.
  5. Imagine: “Imagine, as clearly as you can, what your ideal existence would be like, and what you must accept within your budget.” It may help to journal about what is important and is not.
  6. Finances: Get a clear picture of your financial life. “Locate and make photocopies of bank statements, insurance information, mortgage statements, life insurance policies, two months worth of bills of all types, your spouse’s paycheck stubs, five years’ worth of income tax returns, health records and all outstanding debt such as car payments, home equity loan, etc.” suggests requesting a copy of your credit report from all three agencies. If you do not have much established credit, apply for a credit card to begin building some while you are still married.
  7. Law: Research your state and find a board certified attorney to help you through the challenging process.

For most of us, divorce is an ocean of uncharted waters but by approaching it prepared, you can navigate it more easily.


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