August 27, 2010

Selling the House During a Florida Divorce

Dividing assets from Florida Divorce

During divorce proceedings, marital assets are commonly completely divided among the participants. This division is not necessarily equal or equitable.

A chunk may go to each respective attorney. A small portion goes to the courts and justice system. And, whatever is left (sometimes large and sometimes small) is divided between the spouses. For many divorcing or divorced couples in Florida, this process means they may have to sell their largest marital asset, the family home.

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Florida divorce attorneys recognize that sometimes divorcing couples can decide together that selling the house would be best, both emotionally and financially. Living in the home without one another may prove too unbearable and splitting up the proceeds of the home can help cover the costs of a Florida divorce.

However, many family law attorneys have witnessed how the courts deal with spouses that cannot collectively come to a decision. In situations where couples fight every last detail, judges may be granted the ultimate power to decide the fate of the family home. Court orders can recommend whether the home should be sold and the equity should be split equally or whether one parent should reside in the home until children reach a certain age before the home is to be sold. Regardless, once the house is to be sold, it is important to seek an experienced real estate agent. Undervaluing the home for a quick sell can cost both spouses a great deal of equity. For more information on waiting for the sale of the home and properly listing the marital residence, please click here .

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