December 24, 2014

Signs Your Spouse May Be Hiding Marital Assets During Your Divorce

Florida Divorce Hiding Assets
Divorce attorneys from Jupiter to Wellington and elsewhere in Palm Beach County often hear the allegations that a spouse is hiding assets during divorce.

Jeff Landers is a divorce financial strategist who has recently authored a post regarding numerous signs that a spouse may be hiding marital assets during divorce. You may be in such circumstances if you see a number of the following issues occurring:

  • Your spouse maintains complete control of bank account information and online passwords;
  • Your spouse is secretive about financial affairs;
  • Your spouse has large unreimbursed business account expenses;
  • Your spouse suddenly alleges that the computer containing important financial records has mysteriously “crashed”;
  • Your spouse acts pushy when obtaining your signature on important documents, like tax returns and deeds. “I need to get this signed today for the accountant” or “You need to sign this so we can make this deal”;
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  • Your spouse suffers an income decrease without a corresponding reduction of expenses;
  • Your spouse binges on unusual purchases of flashy items such as automobiles and/or jewelry;
  • Your spouse makes frequent trips to countries with relaxed banking plans;
  • Your spouse makes unusual purchases of toys or art that could be sold later; and
  • Your spouse reports a dramatic decrease in the value of marital and/or business investments.

If your spouse is exhibiting a number of the above-stated danger signs, then you should consult immediately with an experienced divorce/family law attorney to determine what your next steps should be.


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