June 11, 2014

Six Things You Must Do Before Getting a Divorce

Things to Do Before Florida Divorce

Experienced attorneys from Jupiter to West Palm Beach know that when a married couple is in a disintegrating relationship there are always warning signs. More often than not, the couple gradually drifts toward ending their marriage, rather than have dissolution of marriage occur as a sudden transition from being a happily married couple to two people sitting across from each other in an adversarial courtroom. Attorney Stann Givens recently discussed six actions people should consider doing when they see a divorce in their future:

1. Meet with a lawyer. The biggest mistake that experienced dissolution of marriage attorneys often see is that divorcing couples wait far too long before they seek advice. There are things that can always be done prior to ending a marriage to protect your assets or to put yourself in a better position to obtain the goals that you desire. Think about it in terms of your participation in a sports event. You wouldn't dream of stepping onto a baseball diamond unless you already knew the rules of the game. Consulting with an experienced marital and family law attorney can help dispense many myths that might exist in the area of a dissolution of marriage and can help prepare you with an initial game plan of how best to protect yourself in the event that the worst happens;

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2. Gather financial information and put it in a safe place. Family lawyers from Wellington to Boynton Beach know that sometimes a spouse in a dissolution of marriage may begin hiding assets or information. The significant step to protect yourself is to copy all your important financial documents and put them in a safe place. They should always be kept outside of your home in a safe deposit box or with a friend;

3. Don’t try to hide the money. Most people who try to hide assets during or prior to a dissolution of marriage don’t do a very good job at it. If you get caught having hidden assets, then the trial judge will never believe anything else you have to say about any other issue in your case. The potential damage far outweighs any potential benefit;

4. Don’t bad mouth your spouse to your children or mutual friends. People in the middle of ending a marriage are often angry. Angry people often say stupid and hurtful things. They often can say terrible things about each other in the presence of their children in order to get them on their side. This is a tactic that will only backfire and will only do harm to your children. Don’t do it;

5. Go see a mental health professional. If you are in the middle of, or thinking about getting a divorce, you are experiencing extreme stress. You are going to be frustrated, angry, sad, dismayed, annoyed and disheartened. Dissolution of marriage attorneys are not mental health professionals. Mental health professionals can help you process these feelings and assist in guiding you emotionally through the turmoil that you are experiencing while contemplating or experiencing a dissolution of marriage;

6. Consider changing your healthcare directive. In almost every state, a document exists that you can sign that gives someone the right to make important medical decisions in the event that you are in a coma or otherwise are unable to direct your treating physicians. For most people, their spouse is this designated person. You already don’t want to be in a deteriorating relationship with your spouse. Consequently, you should not rely upon this same person to make the correct decision as to whether to pull the plug on your respirator. Go ahead and change the designee. You don’t have to tell anyone except the new designee and you can always change it back if you patch things up with your spouse.

Attorney Givens has useful advice for people contemplating ending their marriage. If you are contemplating a divorce, please carefully consider following his instructions. To read more about Attorney Stann Givens’ advice, click here.


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