June 4, 2014

Is Speed Divorcing a Fad or a Useful Tool?

Speed Divorcing in West Palm Beach, Florida

Divorce attorneys in West Palm Beach have heard of speed dating -- but speed divorcing? A new term is making the rounds among experienced divorce attorneys in West Palm Beach. The term “speed divorcing” often conjures up images of speed dating or speed networking. In those circumstances, you are given a few minutes to quickly introduce yourself, learn something about the other person and move on. At the end of the evening, you make the decision of who you may want to approach for a date or, in the case of speed networking, approach as a potential business connection.

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Lisa Deker, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, is the creator of speed divorcing. It is a setting in which a person is given 15 minutes to speak to each professional present. Instead of meeting a potential date or business partners, you meet attorneys, mediators, financial advisors, investment advisors, mortgage brokers, mental health professionals – all the people you may need to consult with at some point in time prior to or during your divorce. Divorce is an emotional process upon which society has built an artificial structure of statutes, case law and rules. A person often does best in a divorce case with professionals that he or she may trust. A speed divorce may have a benefit to provide you the opportunity to meet with several individuals and get a sense of your gut reaction towards them. It also provides you an opportunity to quickly meet many professionals and decide which professionals you may wish to have a more in‑depth consultation. Speed divorcing has not yet reached Palm Beach County. However, divorcees from Jupiter to Boca Raton may soon be experiencing speed divorcing.


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