March 30, 2011

Women Paying Alimony In Divorce Cases

Women Paying Alimony in divorce cases

More women have now established themselves as the primary or a major breadwinner for the family. But as women’s earnings continue to grow, so does their financial responsibility for spousal support in a divorce and, as a result, the amount of women paying alimony is growing.

Historically, alimony was thought of as a male responsibility for women that could not support themselves, but now women are being forced to pay alimony. Wealthy business women from Jupiter to Wellington may now be kicking themselves for their ever increasing economic equal rights as an increased number are being required to pay alimony to their ex-husbands. Not surprisingly these high earning women are not happy about it.

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Some experienced divorce attorneys in Palm Beach County have noticed that some of these prosperous women may be angrier about paying alimony than men are. Some men may be reluctant to receive alimony payments out of embarrassment or humiliation, but others like celebrity Nick Lachey are setting the trend.

While family law attorneys have noticed this development toward male oriented alimony, payments are usually temporary since children tend to gravitate to their mothers. In response to an increased number of courts granting spousal support for ex-husbands, women are demanding more prenuptial agreements.

With the “alimony table” turned successful women are taking action to protect their financial interests. But, is it right to make women pay alimony? To answer this question for yourself, click here .

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