June 11, 2013

Tips on Finding a Divorce Lawyer

Finding a Divorce Attorney in West Palm Beach

Living in beautiful places such as Jupiter, Palm Beach, Delray Beach, or other southeast Florida cities offers wonderful amenities and a fabulous quality of life. It doesn't, however, protect a family from facing life challenges. Even here, some marriages end in divorce. If that is happening to you, it is important to get professional help to lead the way towards settlement.

In an article for Huffington Post, contributor Kate Scharff offers tips to help make the process of finding a divorce lawyer less intimidating:

  • Slow down
    Kate says, "This is a life crisis, but it's not an emergency." Take your time and take the job of choosing an attorney seriously. There's no need to rush into any professional relationship.
  • Evaluate friendly advice
    With the current rate of divorce, everyone's an expert. Friends and family may offer advice and give you the name of the "perfect" lawyer. Be your own advocate. Examine attorneys' credentials from several vantage points to see if they would be a good fit.

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  • Learn about divorce
    There are four common options for finalizing a divorce, "settlement negotiation, mediation, collaborative divorce, and litigation." Research each type to ascertain the plusses and minuses for your family and circumstance. Each type takes a different amount of time, will have its own expenses, will afford different levels of privacy and so on. Try comparing similar elements to get a good feel for the entire process.
  • Look long-term
    At times, it may feel like your divorce will never end. It will. In order to endure the current challenge, look to the future. Consider how you can arrive at best outcome for the children. Approaching the divorce from that vantage point can encourage you to be patient. It may also be helpful to ponder if "an adversarial process" will bring about the best results for you and the children, most likely not.
  • Look for the sweet spot
    "Cheaper isn't always a bargain, and more expensive isn't always better," says Scharff. Find the right mix of experience (generally the more experience, the more expensive), your needs and your budget. "Many younger lawyers are well-trained, well-mentored, and, because they're typically less busy than their senior colleagues, may give your case a lot of attention."
  • Locate a listener
    Find someone who is more interested in helping you than selling his services. A good lawyer will listen and find the best way to help. He shouldn't hard sell you on his most lucrative services.

Divorce is a scary process but by giving yourself permission to take the time you need, your endurance will be bolstered. Hire the right professional and choose the right type of divorce to help you reduce stress and give yourself the best outlook for the future.


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