February 17, 2009

You're behind in Florida Child Support; Go to Fathering Court

In these tough economic times, many parents are falling behind in the payment of child support. Family lawyers in West Palm Beach are familiar with the increasing number of child support enforcement actions that potential clients are requesting arrearages.

The nonpayment of child support is an issue besetting the entire country. The traditional method is to attempt to have the nonpaying parent found in contempt and imprisoned until a purge payment is paid toward the unpaid child support arrearages.

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However, Washington DC has come up with an interesting alternative: "Fathering Court". This program is reserved for parents (both fathers and mothers) who are attempting to pay child support, but are legitimately unemployed or underemployed. An article about the program explains that the program makes an effort to change the lifestyle of the nonpaying parent. The program emphasizes employment, starting with the basics and also provides education in proper parenting techniques. This innovative approach should be carefully investigated by Florida and other states. Perhaps the investment of similar programs around the country would be a better investment of our economic recovery dollars.


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