May 30, 2017

You're Getting Divorced, Now What?

Getting Divorced

You’ve made the difficult decision to divorce, but what’s next? Here are a few things to carefully consider:

Getting Divorced 


Tell people. 

Divorcing couples, who still maintain a non-adversarial relationship, may opt to tell their families about the divorce together. For acrimonious spouses, however, this is a recipe for disaster. Regardless of what path you decide to follow, plan out what you are going to say ahead of time. Determine what details you will share and try to avoid long introductions to the situation, which can increase anxiety. Start with whatever friend or family member you think will be most supportive to ease into the revelation process. Then deliver the news calmly and without blame.


Find ongoing support. 

For some, support may come from friends or family members. Others may opt to seek professional assistance from a psychologist or counselor. Still others may visit a divorce support group. Determine what works for you and stick to it.


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Try new things.

Endeavor to go outside your comfort zone by trying new things and finding ways to interact with people. Just being around others can provide you with that mood bolstering feeling and new experiences may be a part of redefining yourself for the next chapter of your life.

Get Professional

It is never too early to engage an experienced attorney to represent you in your upcoming divorce case. The sooner you assemble a professional team, the more expediently you all will be able to start formulating an effective strategy for your case.

Take a breath.

While everyone will likely be encouraging you to move forward, it is okay to take a moment before you do so. The end of your marriage is a big deal and you are allowed to have time to mourn, reflect or just pull yourself together. This is not permission to dwell forever on your failing marriage, but rather regroup. Do what is necessary to center yourself and then begin your forward progression.

With the decision to proceed with a divorce behind you, it is important not to lose focus on what lies ahead. The more proactive and focused you are, the smoother your divorce process will be.


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